Posted on March 25, 2017

For the past six months we have been working with Clojure and the results are quite positive.

When we started it felt like re-learning habits and patterns that we thought we have mastered in Java and C#.

But soon enough we had our first application in production with a fraction of the effort that would have taken in Java and way more enjoyment.

We changed many habits that we had from procedural programming and we are learning new idioms every day not only from Clojure but also other functional languages like Haskell.

Seeing our positive was for us we decided that sharing our experience could benefit other developers, and inspire them to look into new technologies and functional languages.

In other words coding rehab.

We decided to record short podcasts (20 min or so) so they can be listened to while commuting (for example) from start to end.

Also each podcast will have a companion blog post to show examples and illustrate some of the concepts discussed.

We hope you like it!